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Outdoor walkings in Florence
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Outdoor walkings in Florence

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In Florence, outdoor walking reserves unexpected discoveries and surprises in a city surrounded by green areas and nature in a perfect combination with its artistic side. Florence hosts masterpieces not only within the walls of its palaces and museums.

Everyone was looking forward to enjoying walks in Florence in good weather, after a winter longer than any other passed one. We want to enjoy open spaces, green places, nature and why not? A little bit of healthy physical activity and inspiration that budding nature can give us.

You will be amazed to discover how many green and luxuriant places you can visit in Florence that will allow you to experience the city in complete relaxation, taking regenerating breaks between a visit to a museum or to one of the many florentine masterpieces of art and architecture.

Giardino delle rose Firenze

Here is our guide to outdoor walkings in Florence – between parks, gardens, green areas, where the art of nature blends with that of humans. For each step, a curiosity that will make your walk even more fun!

First of all, good news. Here we are in a free park from which you can enjoy a splendid view of Florence! Also called the Dragon Garden, the Garden of Parnassus owes its epic name to the sculpture of the snake or a dragon that was installed there in 1990 by the artist Marco Dezzi Bardeschi. It represents the snake Python against which the god Apollo fought and won on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, a mountain near Delphi, on which, according to Greek mythology, the Muses lived. Inside the garden we also recommend a visit to the Horticulture Garden with its scenic greenhouse.

Here it is appropriate to say “When trees become works of art”. With over 250 works immersed in nature, the Enzo Pazzagli Art Park is one of the most important Contemporary Art Parks in Tuscany. 300 cypresses create one of the largest living sculptures in the world entitled “The Trinity” which magically draws the shape of three faces. In addition to the works of the artist Pazzagli, be sure to admire the installation “Photovoltaic Flowers” by Arch. Massimiliano Silvestri, a combination of art, technology, functionality and aesthetics. Here too some good news: it is possible to have a picnic in the Park, bringing your own food with you.

Beyond Porta Romana, on the road to Piazzale Michelangelo, the Bobolino Garden, which takes its name from the not far and more famous Boboli Gardens, is a delightful little oasis of peace.
Located on a slope with beautiful flower beds, fountains, stairways and some artificial caves and the wonderful incense cedar tree that dominate the entire garden. So you can discover the hills of Oltrarno , beyond the medieval walls.

An oasis of greenery and peace during spring and summer.
Have you ever visited the magical Stibbert Park?
Not just an enchanted and romantic corner, one of the few nineteenth-century parks that have remained intact, but an esoteric place for lovers of mysteries, between the sacred represented by the Egyptian temple, symbol of an afterlife, and the mysticism of the island in the middle of the lake reminiscent of Avalon and the myth of King Arthur. A naturalistic and romantic oasis where more than 600 different types of trees live in lush.

If you want some fresh air during a hot day in Florence or you want to get out of the city without going too far, then Parco delle Cascine is the place for you during your stay in Florence. Take advantage of a peaceful walk here that will allow you to enjoy nature in all its glorious splendor in any season!
An area covering over 130 hectares along the banks of the Arno river and offering walks, cultural events and fairs, as well as multiple institutions and monuments and much more!
The Cascine Park also hosts a weekly market. Every Tuesday you will find beautiful stands around the park: do not miss the opportunity to discover and try the vast selection of local Florentine products.


Have you ever enjoyed the view of Florence from the Rose Garden? Then the time has come for you to head towards the Oltrarno! With its approximately 1000 botanical varieties and 350 species of ancient roses and a Japanese garden, the work of the architect Yasuo Kitayama and 7 master gardeners. This garden was created according to the Zen criteria of the Shorai-Teien oasis which in Japanese means “future”. What better hope than a walk looking at the future? Finally, you can also admire the works of art by the Belgian sculptor Jean-Michel Folon. The Rose Garden is a free green space.

We keep it last, certainly not for importance, but because it is considered the garden of the gardens of Florence – the richest park in history and nobility in the city of Florence. We tell you some curiosities about it, you will discover the rest without the need for our guide! Palazzo Pitti was built with the stones excavated and taken from one of the highest points of the Boboli hill, where today you can admire the Amphitheater. An Egyptian obelisk dated to the 16th century BC was placed in the center of the amphitheater, which is one of the oldest monuments in Tuscany. Between the Amphitheater and the Prato del Pegaso are the Boboli Ice Houses. Structures partly underground and surmounted by domes, are none other than ancestors of our refrigerators. The Fountain of Neptune here in Florence is called the “Fountain of the Fork” because of the trident that Neptune holds. And finally, don’t miss the Limonaia (the lemon garden)! Despite the not exactly mild winter climate, the Medici Family managed to bring the plants to the city and cultivate them. Some plants that you will see seem to date back to the Medici period.

We are waiting for you at Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco and we will tell you many of these stories!

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By the way, from our hotel you can leave for all these outdoor walks and with our help you will not get lost in Florence or, if you do, we assure you that you will do it with great pleasure!

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