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Outdoor walkings in Florence
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  • Outdoor walkings in Florence


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The story of Aunt Caterina and Milano 25, her steed 

In Florence there is a special taxi that rocks the streets of the city. A taxi full of colours, toys, flowers, pictures and puppets, driven by Aunt Caterina, a cross between Patch Adams and Mary Poppins, boasting colourful clothes herself, a big hat full of flowers and contagious joy. The story of Caterina and Milano 25 is one of the most beautiful stories in Florence.


Caterina lost her partner, Stefano, in 2001 due to a tumour. Stefano gave her the most valuable thing he had, Milano 25, his taxi in Florence, making her promise him that she would drive Milano 25.

Caterina didn’t surrender to the pain of the loss and found the strength to begin again and to become Aunt Caterina, dedicating herself to the children who are being treated in the Istituto Meyer, “The superheroes” as she calls them. “because in order to fight and win against these illnesses they have to do extraordinary things”.

She has a sign with her that says “It’s not the destination that’s important, it’s the journey you travel to get there” and an umbrella, symbolising the ability to fly beyond fear.

Drives with Milano 25 are free of charge for the young patients of the paediatric hospital Meyer and their families. Aunt Caterina not only shares with them the car rides, but also other moments inside and outside of the hospital, in order to give them some enjoyment and to support them in the most difficult and disheartening times.

Caterina wants to celebrate the memory of her partner by spreading joy, life and hope every day.


In Florence you might have the chance to get into Milano 25 and to get to know Aunt Caterina, who has been giving joy to her young and courageous guests and their families for 15 years, filling in with colours the street of the city with her taxi enhanced by the kids’ drawings!

Her favourite sentence? Amor omnia vincit, because love really wins against everything.

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