DECEMBER and CHRISTMAS IN FLORENCE: shopping and culture
Directions by car to Florence Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco
Outdoor walkings in Florence
  • DECEMBER and CHRISTMAS IN FLORENCE: shopping and culture
  • Directions by car to Florence Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco
  • Outdoor walkings in Florence


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All the races in Florence: anecdotes and tips for a sports holiday in Florence from our hotel manager Antonella, a runner for passion and a runner at work!

Sporting events in Florence for those who want to keep in shape even during their holidays are numerous and happen all year long. Marathons, half marathons, competitive and non-competitive foot races in the name of fun and charity.

In Spring, Florence explodes with events that fill the city with color and bright smiles as the finish line is crossed.

Our manager Antonella, whose energy is contagious and infects all the customers of our hotel, is a real runner. Passion, endurance, persistence, reaching her goals and last, but not least, fun: this is what really matters to her, both when running and in her job!

With that in mind, here are some guidelines on how to enter the world of sport here in Florence in our manager’s own words, a lady always on the run!

“Where there’s a will there’s a way”: Firenze Vivicittà half Marathon to celebrate solidarity and social commitment

Where there’s a will there’s a way, this is how we can sum up the 21km run that has been organised to boost projects in areas where it is not possible to partake in sport due to war and poverty.

Vivicittà has been a real challenge, 21 km is a long distance for a non-professional runner like me. But with persistence and training I got to cross the finish line: a cocktail of emotions and satisfaction that made me drunk with happiness. As soon as I started, I thought “this was really not a good idea” and I had moments of struggle, but to overcome those moments with the wind on my face and the beauty of Florence surrounding me, made my arrival even more epic.

No deed is impossible
if your motivation is stronger than your physical strain!

In Piazza Santa Croce a nice Village awaits you, where you get to rest with your goody bag after your arrival and attend events. A half marathon that you really can’t miss!


“Music and fun guaranteed”: madness and humor with DeeJay Ten Firenze

Much more than a mere run, this is a Sunday of fun and light-heartedness. Every year, in May, Florence is invaded by professional runners, couples and groups of friends that run for fun or families who want to take a stroll enjoying the wonder of our city. There are two tracks, 10 km and 5 km, and the latter can also be walked. The start is pumped full of adrenaline thanks to Linus, the director of the most listened to radio station in Italy, and his crazy team, who will be in the Deejay Village in Santa Croce for a few days before and right up to the run. The team consists of some of most hilarious Italian comedians, such as La Pina, il Trio Medusa, Diego. Deejay Ten is a run that is worth doing, even if only to bring home the beautiful colourful t-shirts, I have a full collection already!

DeeJay Ten for me is fun, social and emotional. I have taken part many times and every time I get to Piazzale Michelangelo and I see our most beautiful monuments from the panoramic terrace, from the dome of the cathedral to the beautiful church of Santa Croce, it is like seeing them for the first time.

The best year for me was when I ran with some of the guys from the front desk of the hotel…

The Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco team
“run like a DeeJay”!

Untitled 3

“A downhill slope will come, when running and in life”: “Corri per la vita” welcomes autumn in Florence

This is a very important crowd funding event that has taken place in Florence since September 2003 and aims at building and restoring public institutions that specialize in fighting against breast cancer. There are two tracks, 5 and 13 km, that are run also by many famous people to support the cause. There are also many events linked to this competition, such as the award for the best showcase in the city that has been prepared especially for this event.

Yes, I took part in this run too, choosing the longest path of course. But no, don’t be fooled by the fact that I completed the 21km in the half marathon in April: I can assure you 13km is not child’s play!

The steep slope up to Via Belvedere was really tough, but the thinking about good cause gives you the power and strength to endure, thinking that sooner or later a downhill slope will come. During the run, the downhill slope is a small street that gives you an amazing view over the city and it is precisely in that moment that

Emotion causes adrenaline,

pain is just a memory

and your legs start floating.

After getting to the finish line and resting, it is lovely to go and visit one of the museums of our city, that are free for anyone who has a t-shirt from the run!


“Never say never”: Florence marathon, the most important marathon in all of Tuscany 

Please keep the last Sunday of November free: Maratona di Firenze, the Florence marathon, an unmissable event for thousands of runners who come from all over the world, the competition is certified by AIMS and IAFF and broadcasted live by the RAI Sports Channel. Here you really need to train with commitment and persistence: 42.195 meters through the streets of Florence, which is considered to be an actual open air museum and will relieve and feed your soul with beauty when your legs become heavy and your motivation will disappear!

For now, I am happy to just experience it through the presence of the numerous customers of ours staying in our hotel in those days and to whom we dedicate a special offer for the Maratona di Firenze. Yet I am sure that, experiencing the contagious light of joy and satisfaction in the eyes of our guests returning from the competition, one day I will give it a go too.

Maratona di Firenze…

Tomorrow is another day:

the day in which I’ll reach the finish line!


Contact us for further information on sporting events in Florence, write to us at to reserve the best rooms in our hotel! Our hotel manager is ready to give you all the tips you need ☺
Write down these 2017 dates in your calendar!
9th of April – Half Marathon Vivicittà
14th of May – DeeJay Ten
24th of September – Corri per la vita
26th of November – Maratona di Firenze

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