DECEMBER and CHRISTMAS IN FLORENCE: shopping and culture
Directions by car to Florence Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco
本ホテルの特別な提供 「サンタ・マリア・デル・フィオーレ大聖堂の近くの フィレンツェマラソン」
  • DECEMBER and CHRISTMAS IN FLORENCE: shopping and culture
  • Directions by car to Florence Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco
  • 本ホテルの特別な提供 「サンタ・マリア・デル・フィオーレ大聖堂の近くの フィレンツェマラソン」


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Antonella, Giulia, Daniele, Evelyn, Francesco & Manuel!

The front desk of a hotel is the frontline, the place where we meet you, our future guests, for the first time via email, phone, face to face directly at reception or by our official website. It is a crucial moment. And if first impressions are everything…

During this first meeting we connect with you by listening carefully to all of your needs, emotions and reasons why you chose Florence as your destination. In fact, we believe that the main quality of a front desk should be the ability to observe and listen.

Like in a tailor’s shop, where the workers take measurements to make custom-tailored clothes, a front desk needs people who are able to discover the desires of those who would like to experience Florence in a personalised way.

Being open and helpful is the key. So this is exactly what the tailors and workers at the Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco are, so much so that they can cut the fabric and skilfully stitch together a relaxing and pleasant stay, full of unforgettable moments.

Recommending the best transportation solutions, places to visit, itineraries, restaurants, events and experiences depending on the duration of your stay and the period of the year, our front desk offers all of you travellers a highly professional team combined with different personal touches that will enhance and make unique your stay in Florence.

Therefore, Daniele will teach you the Florentine dialect, Giulia will reveal all the delicacies of Tuscan cuisine and Manuel will be the favourite among our Japanese guests. And if Francesco holds the secret of complete kindness, Evelyn will charm you with her memorable aplomb, while Antonella will conquer you with her lively energy and her 20-year experience.

Our front desk is renowned for offering what we call real time problem solving: we are available 24/7 to answer your emails and social network posts, solve problems with the air conditioning or get rid of ghosts from your room…just kidding!

To cut a long story short, each one of us has chosen to work for you with this spirit and enthusiasm, trying to help each other and to cooperate with you in such a way that you will look forward to coming back and visiting us again at the Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco!


DECEMBER and CHRISTMAS IN FLORENCE: shopping and culture

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