DECEMBER and CHRISTMAS IN FLORENCE: shopping and culture
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  • DECEMBER and CHRISTMAS IN FLORENCE: shopping and culture
  • Directions by car to Florence Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco
  • Outdoor walkings in Florence


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The day has come: the Web Series Finale Award is here! We received so many good stories from your creativity, and it wasn’t easy at all to choose one to be elected as most creative alternative ending of You say love, I say tomato. But we had to, and eventually, we reckon we chose the best one!

We want to share with you the reasons that made us elect Marcel Giebelmann as our Finale Award Winner, and give you the possibility to read his story, well, better to say, web series script, and laugh as much as we did in reading it!

Between the many finales received, this is the one that really got our attention, imagining a new finale that is actually an entire plot for a new web series! We found great creativity, sense of humour and passion reading it. Enjoy!


The story begins at the end of episode 6…


Talking with Giulia the lady insists about visiting the farm. Giulia offers to manage the trip for her. She organizes a small car ( an old fiat 500 or Piaggio ape) for the lady. In the next cut you see the lady crazy driving by using a paper map through the surrounding area of Tuscany towards the farm. She nearly loses her way, but then a traffic sign for the farm appears. As she arrives at the farm she gets a very warm welcome by the owner of the farm, Giulia’s sister. The sister is showing the lady around. After all, the lady wants to know from the sister how many people are working at the farm and if she knows all the workers very well ( because she is already looking for her dream man ). The sister told her, that a few family members are working there, but mostly seasonal workers, but due to the end of the season they all left and she has no contact information. The lady is leaving the farm with a warm thanks and begins to feel very very sad and disappointed. How should she ever find her dream man ??? Then she sees a small chapel next to the farm and walks in. In front of the altar she goes down on her knees and starts to pray….”Please, please help me to find the man of my dreams”. Then suddenly somebody puts his hand of her shoulder from behind and she turns around….She is shocked and heavy breathing and nearly crying. The man of her dreams is standing behind her and…. he is A PRIEST (already wearing his priest uniform. ) A PRIEST… HE IS UNREACHABLE FOR HER. Her dream ends and she is very very sad. “Why are you so desperate??”  asked the priest to the lady. She answers, that her biggest dream died and she was so in love with a man and now she learned that he is unreachable for her. She is totally disappointed. The priest told her, that he feels so sorry for her. But he wants to help her, to forget the bad thoughts. He tells her that there are very seldom visitors in this small village and today is a big party of his family, with all brothers, sisters, relatives etc. He insists that she should join him to this family meeting. At the meeting the whole family welcomes her very warmlyShe asks for the restroom because she wants to take a short refreshment. As she came back from the restroom, she was confused and happy to see the man of her dreams without the priest uniform. She asks him..”did you change your clothes ???” He replies with a laugh… “Oh no, you mixed me up with my twin brother, he is a priest… ” The lady starts to be happy again… all the energy comes back to her. “My brother already told me, that he met a nice lady with a desperate love and told me that he invited you to our party”. He is talking with two glasses of red wine and gives her one of them. – “Maybe I can join you at your desperate journey for your great love, since I was also searching…” They cheer and drink the wine.

THE END ( maybe now playing Dean Martins song… “that s amore


How did you like this finale???

Unfortunately nobody guessed the exact ending of the story. The correct answer would have been that Jenny was going to lose her flight back to England, and that she was going to have Italian mama’s trouble…  No, no, no: saying they fell in love is not the correct answer for the finale! That happened the very first moment they met! 🙂


Thank you all for playing with us and watching our webseries, You say love, I say tomato. It has been an amazing journey!


The Il Guelfo Bianco Team 

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