Florence Marathon Best Hotel Offer near Piazza Duomo
Outdoor walkings in Florence
  • Florence Marathon Best Hotel Offer near Piazza Duomo
  • Outdoor walkings in Florence

Best Slow Travel Rates Florence: Easy Florence

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Get advantage of the best slow travel rates while you’re planning a visit to Florence!

In a busy hit and run world, the ultimate luxury that can be granted at least for a few days a year is to provide a slow journey, and Florence is ready to welcome those who want to experience the pleasure of traveling slowly with the best hotel rates.

We have decided to reward those who conquere the great aspiration to give themselves the time to travel, to discover new places in Florence, or to return to those in which you have already been: the journey never ends and we all know that there is always something new and unexpected to see.

To help you find luxury of time, we’ve decided to create a wide range of special rates at our hotel in Florence that will reward you the longer you stay in Florence, and at any time of year.

You were thinking about having two nights in Florence? Try to check the discounted rate to stay 3 nights and you will see that it is worth it! And for 4 nights or 5 nights in Florence? The advantages are even bigger and you’ll discover that there’s always time to take advantage of a special offer to visit Florence!

Escape the hustle, forget the “I have no time”,
betrayal for once “I would but …”

Feel slow travels for once!

Your body, your mind, and your heart will be grateful and we will make sure that your wallet it is !!

And when you return to your daily life after a trip to Florence and stay at the Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco, you’ll discover that it’s really true that “when you hurry, walk slowly“.

Slow Travel Firenze Hotel

There is only one reason to hurry in this case:

Book online as soon as possible
because the only limitation is the limited availability of rooms.

Contact us at info@ilguelfobianco.it
get your best slow traveler rate!

Let go of the peaks.
Get away from the safe harbor.
Take your sails with the winds.
Explore. Do you dream. Discover.

[Mark Twain]

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Back to travel to Florence! Book direct Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco and take advantage of 15% discount plus our special rate that protect you from cancellation.

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