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Hotel Offer New Year’s Eve 2021 Florence
  • Outdoor walkings in Florence
  • Hotel Offer New Year’s Eve 2021 Florence
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Our art hotel of Florence, at the exhibition “Nascita di una Nazione. Tra Guttuso, Fontana e Schifano”

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Going on till July 22nd, the elegant Palazzo Strozzi (ten minutes away by foot from Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco), is host of one of the major events for this 2018 in Florence, the exhibition “Nascita di una Nazione. Tra Guttuso, Fontana e Schifano”, for sure one of the most interesting and well prepared contemporary art shows.

Our art hotel of Florence definitely couldn’t miss this appointment with one of the most relevant exhibition of the 2018 season. Surely not, also because apart from our well known love for contemporary art, some of the authors exposed at the exhibit, are well displayed at Il Guelfo Bianco itself!

Fontana, Schifano, Tano Festa and Turcato are in fact masters of which we happily own some sketches, lithographies, oil on canvas, and original creations in materials, such as the surprising “Superficie Lunare”, of which we wrote some time ago in our blog.

Andrea Alibrandi from the Gallery Il Ponte of Florence, is a dear friend of ours, and art specialist, with whom we talked about this exhibit, that we both agreed to be successfully performing under many aspects.

The selection of the artworks is indeed of high level. It is the setting up to give value to the personality of some creations, creating for example the magic of the “Sala Bianca”, where the scene is taken by “Concetto Spaziale”of our beloved Lucio Fontana.

The spaces alternate themselves, offering dominant environments of the darker shadows, – such as the beginning one presenting an astonishing Guttuso accompanied by 4 video installations – and rooms where the star is the iconographic dynamism of the class struggle, characterized by the enameled “No” by Mario Schifano.

But the situations able to have an impact on the spectator are scattered along the entire way of the exhibit, a true representation of the postwar Italy, with the consequent economic boom of the 60s, with all its contradictions, class, social and cultural struggles.

Interpreted by a new generation of artists, often politically involved, the expression of reality leaves the figurative one, to fiercely end up to the abstract and material, to the today visibly familiar artistic avant-garde, that makes the exhibition attractive to a wide public.

If you want to know more about “Nascita di una Nazione”, and stay in a real art hotel in the center of Florence, we will wait you at Il Guelfo Bianco!

Write us or book directly your room on our Official Website! You may spend the night in the good company of the artworks of some of the artists protagonist of the exhibition!



Hotel Offer New Year’s Eve 2021 Florence

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